ELementalize is a desktop application that allowed our clients to do multiple crypto/blockchain related tasks. The most popular feature was distributing ERC20 tokens based off a spreadsheet with a super easy to use UI. This desktop application was built using Electron and Vue.js and codesigned sign a valid MacOSX developer certificate to prove authenticity.

This application also worked as a cryptocurrency wallet for Keystores, Private Keys, and even the Ledger

Statping is a very lightweight application and is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The Docker image is only ~16Mb so you know that this application won't be filling up your hard drive space. The Status binary for all other OS's is ~17Mb at most. Statping will allow you to completely customize your Status Page using SASS styling with easy to use variables. The Docker image actually contains a prebuilt SASS binary so you won't even need to setup anything!

Whether you're a Docker fan-boy or a AWS EC2 master, Statping gives you multiple options to simply get running. Our Amazon AMI image is only 8Gb and will automatically update to the most stable version of Statping. Running on an EC2 server might be the most cost effective way to host your own Statping Status Page. The server runs on the smallest EC2 instance (t2.nano) AWS has to offer, which only costs around $4.60 USD a month for your dedicated Status Page. Want to run it on your own Docker server? Awesome! Statping has multiple docker-compose.yml files to work with. Statping can automatically create a SSL Certification for your status page.