A solo project that I started in 2012. Successfully funded at 107% on Kickstarter. Stronghold2D is a free 2D Multiplayer RTS/Tower Defense type of game for mobile devices. Build your Stronghold, and defend it by adding lasers, cannons, anti-air guns, and missiles. Features unique 2D flat art design with a pretty advanced AI system.

This game has been a joy for me, and others think its awesome too. Stronghold2D has more than 110,000+ downloads with around 200 installs per day. Connects users to Google Play and iOS Game Center for easy login/register experience. Users can even earn up to 30+ Achievements, and keep to date on other plays on the Leaderboards.

Stronghold2D's multiplayer experience is made possible with huge JSON arrays and a Globalized CDN for fast loading for the entire planet. 7 Different Languages so the entire planet can actually play!