TokenBalance is an easy to use public API and application that will output your ERC20 Token balance without any troubles. You can run TokenBalance on your local computer or you can use to easily parse your erc20 token balances. Connects to your local geth IPC and prints out a simple JSON response for ethereum token balances. Runs on port 8080 by default if you wish to run locally.

View balance in plain text
View balance and other details in JSON

You don't need to compile Token Balance from source anymore! All you need to do is go to Releases in this repo and download the binary that is built for your OS. Once you've downloaded, rename the file to tokenbalance for ease if use. On Mac or Linux move this file with the command mv tokenbalance /usr/local/bin/tokenbalance, you should be able to run the application from anywhere now.

To fetch information about your balance, token details, and ETH balance use the follow API call in a simple HTTP GET or CURL. The response is in JSON so you can easily parse what you need. Replace TOKEN_ADDRESS with the contract address of the ERC20 token, and replace ETH_ADDRESS with your address.